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What is AllStarzz?

AllStarzz is a hybrid event promotions company geared toward the growth of talented models and photographers. Our core focus is to create an environment for photographers and models to have the opportunity to get published in major publications as well as build their portfolios for future financial growth, attain credible network contacts, and work with the best in the industry.

There is a ton of photographers to shoot with, Why should I shoot with AllStarzz?

We at AllStarzz strive to provide the best of the best, a one stop shop for everything within the glamour photography industry. We are continually driving forward to bring you what no others can and be there to answer any questions you have. Our photographers are some of the best in the industry and if you want to have the best chance at getting published, having an amazing team behind who have done this again and again, is key to everyone’s success.

What can you provide that others aren’t doing for me?

Our network of photographers provide an amazing plethora of industry contacts that when combined with the AllStarzz “Drive”, gives you a keen advantage to getting published or attaining future work.
Our relationships with industry sponsors allows us to utilize marketing, photography, and product placement to get our shots placed into appropriate media. Most other company in this industry don’t go above the ‘norm’ and truly care about their models futures.

Your photographers take amazing photos and you say your a one stop shop, so what else is there?

Sure…Everyone nowadays are doing shootouts. They’re a dime a dozen and when was the last time the people throwing the shootout paid you? We call ourselves a “hybrid events promotions company” for a reason. Not only do we have shootouts, we also integrate a charitable event that rivals party’s thrown at one famous Mansion in particular. Providing the general public to purchase admission to the event and see what goes on during our shootouts, mingle with staff and see how it runs. Then after the shooting is all done, the nightlife with our staff and sponsors commences. With exposure to our event sponsors your face time as a model builds report with these clients and gives you a major advantage over the general model.


We also offer complete turnkey websites for models who are 100% vested in making it this business. Our websites are completely self sufficient and will basically run themselves, provided you submit content to the site. With our staff photographers and videographers, obtaining content for your site should be quite easy.


Lastly, as we grow, our model/photographer base will also grow, allowing us to reach out to major publications and utilize our position to become more of an agent for you and make sure the pictures you’ve created with us is seen by more publications than any other company, period!

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